Tony Rath, a world-renowned Belizean photographer, shared this video on FB today, featuring work he did for a CNN travel program a few years ago.

The scenic Hummingbird Highway featured in the vid has a lot of interesting stops along the way, like St. Herman’s Cave at the Blue Hole National Park.

Nice place for some chilling in the bush.

(“I’m Jesus and I approved this message.”)

This meme featuring a quote from that gentle, ever-quotable saint and spiritual writer Henri Nouwen was making the rounds on Facebook when I checked into FB this morning.14089094_1790025761282394_3469644006481416509_n

This is why I cringe when someone says Jesus was, or would be, a conservative or a Republican or a tea partier–or a Democrat or liberal or even a socialist.

Liberals want to paint Jesus and the early Christians as socialists all about sharing the wealth, while conservatives want to paint him as a conservative who blessed the use of the sword and tax cuts.

Both of which are ludicrous notions based on New Testament cherry picking.

First of all, Jesus would be, and Jesus is, nothing today except Jesus–the Jesus who condemned the power-mongers and rulers of his time on earth and condemned them harshly.

I dare say there’s not a politician or candidate alive that our Lord wouldn’t harshly condemn if he dropped into the political arena today.

Nouwen was so right, as usual. Jesus isn’t about conquest or ideology or domination–and certainly he wouldn’t bless America’s current politics of personal destruction.

Jesus is about love and it in all of love’s many dynamic manifestations.

Love is not necessarily about being Mr. Nice and I don’t think Jesus, the Lord of Truth, would play nice in anybody’s political camp.

Young Democrats of Texas (top) are  joining forces with Young Republicans to aid flood victims.

Young Democrats of Texas (top) are joining forces with Young Republicans to aid flood victims.

Down in Texas, Young Democrats and Young Republicans are laying aside political differences to aid flood victims in Louisiana. (See the story here.)

This is the kind of political story that makes you go “Wow!”–in a good way.

It raised a couple of thoughts when I read it.

1. This is a story of young adults acting like adults, which adults don’t seem much inclined to act anymore when it comes to politics.

It’s a hopeful sign for the future that these young people are fellow Americans (and Texans!) first.

2. The thought occurred to me that disasters bring out the mettle in people. Too bad it takes catastrophic events for Americans to come together, to love one another, to help one another.

Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of the Clinton-Trump debate.

Have some popcorn and a belly washer and enjoy.

“Miracle Assignment”

fresh-mown hay
windless air
drying air
grazing air
straw air
protein air
earthing air

* * *

clouds passing
Holsteins lazing
pond juice sipping
eyes popping
lips puffing
noses flaring
flies abounding
tails twitching

* * *

doe crouching
high alerting
ear twitching
joints bending
body quivering
legs darting
* * *

beaching air
playtime air
distant air
salting air
breezing air
healthing air
splashing air
children’s air

* * *

silver circle
lunar looming
silver mooning

* * *

miracle sky

* * *

sea wave

* * *

Pasture rolling


The scene at a shelter in Louisiana, where people have a real disaster to cope with.

The scene at a shelter in Louisiana, where people have a real disaster to cope with.

I’ll swear, this is the media’s worst hour.

We have a Katrina-like disaster in Louisiana, and yet we’re getting a fraction of the coverage Katrina rightfully received.

I go to the (non-) news this morning to find that the media is obsessing on the latest in the loud clown’s campaign–the latest being “another big shakeup!” in the people running his disastrous excuse of a run for president.

And then there’s the perennial obsession with you-know-who’s emails. (I’m tired of their very names at this point.)

Long before I ever get to the 24-hour non-news channels I go to a lot of online news sources every day. I’ve had to scroll way down every day lately to find any coverage about Louisiana below all the meaningless presidential horse race stats showing who’s winning and who’s losing.

As if any of it is going to be remembered on Election Day three months from now–three months being an eternity in politics.

Three months from now, folks in Louisiana will still be coping with their pain and loss.

God help the great state of Louisiana–she’s drowning in flood waters and presidential trash.

And she needs your help and here’s one link for that.
*This just in to (Non-)News Central: 80,000 in California have evacuated their homes due to a wildfire. And in Milwaukee news, such as it is, the usual shouters are shouting down.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

— John 15:12-13

Baton Rouge Advocate photo by Bill Feig

Baton Rouge Advocate photo by Bill Feig

Back when New York City was reeling from 9-11, a journalist asked that gentle Presbyterian preacher and children’s TV icon Fred Rogers what parents could say to their children about the disaster.

Mr. Rogers didn’t hesitate.

“Tell the children to keep their eyes on the helpers,” he advised.

May God be with the people suffering in Louisiana, and all those first responders and volunteers and neighbors and all who are risking and sacrificing and pitching in to help one another, loving their neighbors as themselves.

Baton Rouge Advocate photo by Patrick Dennis.

Baton Rouge Advocate photo by Patrick Dennis.


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