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Our cook's little nino at breakfast

One thing I’ve learned in life: Kids the world over love Mardi Gras beads][/caption]

Me passing out candy to kids in the neighborhood

This nino pitched in and helped us with construction of his new cinder-block house

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However bad you may think you have life today, it’s probably not as bad as what you see above. These are pix of the cardboard house that the family of six is living in here in Juarez.
I’m here on a mission trip with seven others from my home church, as most readers know, and we spent the last two days building a cinder block house in front of this old one for the mom, dad and five young kids.
Until I get back to you with more pictures and reporting, have a blessed day.
And count your blessings.

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We got you a vid featuring Stephen Stills on vocals when he was still the leader and the spiritual force behind Buffalo Springfield–a most underrated rocker Stills, probably because he’s always devoted about as much time to sailing as to writing and making music.

Anyway, “Bluebird” is a great sixties oldie that ends with some mighty fine banjo jangling and we got it — and also another vid with Stills leading vocals:

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At age 60, yours truly is not the oldest team member building a house in Juarez, Mexico, for a mother and her five children this weekend. Our oldest team member is 73, on her first ever church mission trip. She’s the mom of one of the members of my home church who’s also here. The mom, who came from her home in Florida to make this mission with us, plays organ at her United Methodist Church back in Florida.
Her daughter and son in law gave her this mission trip as a Christmas present, of all things. It’s what she wanted for Christmas.
What a great gift, and what great people these people of God are that I’m sharing this experience with.
In addition to helping an extremely poor family living in a cardboard shelter, we’re building relationships with that family, with families here in the barrio and with each other–and having a million laughs, BTW.

73 years young, doing God's work in Juarez

Bashful schoolgirl curious about the construction

Yer Jitterbugger with el perro outside the men's dorm at the Projecto Abrigo (Project Shelter) ministry compound in Juarez

Mission team member Lori passing out candy to kids in the barrio

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El nino helping us with construction of his new casa

What you see below is the cardboard house currently occupied by a young mother named Maria and her five beautiful children. I and the other seven members of a volunteer mission team from my home church, Suncreek United Methodist in Allen just north of Dallas, are bone tired from working on the cinder block house we’ll have completed by this time tomorrow.
Maria’s neighbors in the barrio, who also live in cinder block houses, drifted over all day and were very happy to see Maria getting a new casa!
Thanks for your prayers. We’ve been blessed today.

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For your Friday night, jitterbug special–being zipped to you tonight from Juarez where we had a gorgeous weather day at our construction site–here’s a video blast from the past featuring two of Jitterbugger’s faves of all time–and an extra fun George video for you too:

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As promised here Wednesday, we’re featuring His Greatness Mr. Cash for your Friday special.

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