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I’ve been back home for a few days now in my beloved Texas Our Texas.

I can’t tell you how warm and good it feels to be home and embrace old friends and family (with, for the record, totally appropriate hugging and kissing).

As a multi-generation native Texan, I’m not just a proud American; I’m a proud Texan-American.

Mind you, I love the unconventional life I’ve carved out for myself in that odd little country that is Belize.

But there is no place like the home country, especially on a chilly but gorgeous day in the Brazos River Valley of Texas where I grew up and left deep footprints.

The great American writer, humorist and cartoonist James Thurber* had a thing about old clocks–he loved them and wrote a lot about them. So it’s not surprising that Thurber, the famous New Yorker who grew up in Columbus, Ohio, never outgrew his love for his hometown. Thurber once said “all the clocks in my heart tick for Columbus, Ohio.”

I’m back where my internal clocks tick and grateful to be here.

Hope you have a great day, too.

Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas.

*More on his greatness James Thurber here.


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“Grab em by the pussy!”

For a man who’s getting way up in the years, the pucker-face Mitch McConnell can still dodge hard questions with amazing agility.

Go to this link to see what I mean.

He and other Republicans desperate to keep Alabama’s notorious knuckle-dragger Roy Moore out of the Senate are saying–with completely straight faces–“I believe the women.”

Moore is like some really twisted little character out of some dark version of Loony Toons.

But then, Trump’s gag-o-ramas with women are a thousand percent better documented than anything we’ve seen from the Alabama Space Cowboy’s gag-o-rama.

Me, I’ve always believed all those women who came forward after the infamous “grab em by the pussy” tape and accused Donald Trump of brazen sexual assault, harassment, and sundry and sordid other acts.

Apparently McConnell, and his wife who is Trump’s loyal Secretary of Transportation, and most of the conservatives in Congress believe Donald Trump, not the women he clearly sexually abused (and many he tried to destroy).

You’ll recall, of course, that candidate Trump was going to sue at least seven of his female accusers for defamation as soon as he took office.

Which of course he never did for a good reason: he doesn’t want to go to court because he’s a guilty dog.

No offense to good dogs.

The Republican belief system is consistently inconsistent.

That I can tell you.
Several more women have come forward to accuse Roy Moore of aggressive sexual behavior while Trump remains to boxed in with his history of nasty sexual aggression to say a word.

Daughter Ivanka, however, has pronounced that there is “a special place in hell” for people like Moore who prey on children.

She said she believes the victims because they are credible and his stories are not.

Ivanka Trump–daughter of famous sexual predator Donald Trump–had the audacity to say that.

Let that sink it.

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Arm our congregations?

In God and Guns We Trust?

Our Christian political and church leaders in Texas, like so many around the country, have this awful habit of separating Jesus from the overarching message of nonviolence that Jesus the Prince of Peace embodied and taught.

I’m thinking of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who said in the wake of the sickening mass murder of people slaughtered while they were in church praying, “Arm your congregations.”

I don’t think Jesus approved that message.

As for me, I’m plenty willing to be killed in a church with an unarmed congregation than attend one where worshipers are armed to the teeth.

“How long, O Lord?”

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Don’t. Lie.

Longtime followers of the blog here are plenty aware that I’ve been distressed out of my bucket at times by the low moral standards so many Americans, especially Christians, have come to accept from the leader of the free world.

I’m especially distressed when it comes to lying and deception being perfectly acceptable because that wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Donald J. Trump is so awesome that candidate Trump promised to “protect God for you.”

As if God needs protection from anybody, much less a man with the morals of a rabid wolf.

The retired United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon and his spiritual soul mate, the moral theologian Stanley Hauerwas, have been universally respected forever because of their uncompromising commitment to speaking the truth till the truth hurts.

Like Jesus, their commitment speaking the truth at all costs has won them  enemies and fierce pushback from critics. They’ve always been up to the challenge of answering their critics with bluntness that the famously blunt Martin Luther would envy.

These two old-timers will carry the torch for the truth, and for The Truth, until their dying days.

So I’m reblogging Brother Will’s latest blog post about Hauerwas’s speech if only to remind myself that as an ordained minister called by God to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, I have to call out the lies and deceptions of the big man who was supposed to be so much better and more honest that woman “Lyin’ Hillary.”

So with no further ado, this is from Brother Willimon…

A Peculiar Prophet

When he received an honorary degree at the University of Aberdeen this past summer, my friend Stanley Hauerwas gave what may be the shortest commencement address on record.  He said, in about five minutes, “Do not lie.”

Jesus said that he was not only the way and the life but also the truth.  Christians don’t lie.  We don’t lie because lying is the death of human community, or it’s impossible to be with one another in relationship when there is a pattern of lying. We don’t lie because it’s our job to show that Jesus Christ makes possible lives of truth in a world of lies. 

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