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Ted Nugent, that old rock star picture on the left, is a close, personal friend of Donald Trump (and the likes of Rick Perry and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott). Ted Nugent once called Hillary Clinton a
C–T. He has never apologized to Clinton, and won’t.

To quote the great rock god and poet Jim Morrison, “Strange days have found us.”

It’s strange to see how much more vile and vulgar America’s politics and culture become every day.

And just as strange to see the double standards at play in ultra-conservative politics and religion.

Take the case of political satirist Samantha Bee.

She’s a sure-enough leftie who has a huge audience of people who pay to watch her be (in my opinion) not very funny on cable TV. Comedy, like music and all the creative arts, are extremely subjective.

I love great, biting political satire and have my favorites who deal in it, and she’s just not a favorite.

Ah … but ain’t that America.

To each his or her own.

It’s still a free country. So far.

* * *

Samantha Bee was recently forced to apologize for jokingly calling Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka “a feckless c–t.”

I mean, Wow. She went there with the most demeaning word that anybody, male or female, can use to diminish a woman’s humanity.

There’s this unwritten code in America that even a vulgar comic in the hilarious, satirical, and oh-so-discomfiting tradition of George Carlin and Richard Pryor can’t use that word.

At any rate, much of the American nation is still in a state of outrage over it.

But a lot of the outrage is coming from people, like Donald Trump, who thought it was funny when the old Rock star Ted Nugent called Hillary Clinton by that same, vile word that Samantha Bee used to slap down Ivanka Trump.

If context matters at all–and it almost always does matter to some extent in now daily outrages)–Bee made the horrific “joke” in the context of calling attention to Ivanka Trump’s blind spots regarding mothers and children being ripped apart by government ICE agents.

Ultra-conservative political and righteous Christian leaders are still piling on Samantha Bee, who apologized unequivocally to Ivanka — while giving the rock god of nasty political discourse Ted Nugent a pass for the same offense.

In fact, in April last year, Trump backer Ted Nugent had lunch and a lot of happy schmoozing with Trump in the White House with Kid Rock and Sarah Palin–those other two champions of women’s rights.

Nugent, like his hero and pal Donald Trump, never, ever apologizes.

And Belize me when I tell you … today’s liberals and Democrats practice plenty of their own double standards.

That said, most Americans never even heard of Samantha Bee before she went over whatever the invisible top is today. (Talking about “grabbing em by the pussy” used to be over the top but no more.)

Ted Nugent has been famous since the sixties for being a rock n roll guitar god, even though he was no Jim Morrison and no guitar god like that guitar god in Jim’s band The Doors, that I can tell you.

Nugent’s fame grew over the years as he became a close, personal friend of everybody from Texas’s former governor Rick Perry and current governor Greg Abbott to the current occupant of the White House.

Republicans frequently call on Ted Nugent to perform at their inaugurations and fund-raisers.

Yes, Ted Nugent.

The man who amused Trump and his “base” by unapologetically calling Hillary Clinton that word.

I guess it’s OK because . . . you know . . .


Get over it, snowflakes.

Political comic Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump “a feckless c–t, and will never be forgiven. Rock god Ted Nugent, called Hillary Clinton a “c–t” — and got to spend 4 hours schmoozing with President Trump in the White House. Strange days indeed.

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At many of our past high school reunions, we rocked all night to classic rock hits from our era, like Purple Hay by Jimi Hendrix.

My classmates from the Class of 1968 at Navasota (Texas) High School are having a quiet get-together at a local restaurant this month for our 50th Reunion.

I won’t be able to attend. And anyway, it’s going to be a really quiet get-together, unlike so many of our past reunions where we danced all night to sixties classics from our era.

That was before about 50 of us developed bad backs and had too many knee and hip replacements to dance like they do in the land of a thousand dances.

But seriously, ladies and germs. A lot of life — and too much death — rolls down the currents of 50 years. Innocence and vigor start fading all too quickly after the school years that you spent crossing the bridge from youth to adulthood.

But that’s OK. The Spirit of ’68 is still flaming in the Land of a Thousand Dances. (Black and White editions follow.)

The State Legislature of Texas has designated Navasota as the official “Blues Capital of Texas.”

Find out why at this blog site.

Navasota is an old, historic and unique Texas town and cultural center, with the blues being at the heart of its culture.

The influential blues man Mance Lipscomb lived in a house out on Piedmont Road, not far from my home in Navasota, Texas. (Bob Dylan mentions his visit to Lipscomb’s house in his autobiography Chronicles. Another music legend, Joe Tex also grew up there and returned to a house he built there in his later years.

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