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Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

“The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.”

— Psalm 46:10-11

It’s getting increasingly difficult in a world so LOUD and full of EXCLAMATION!!! to “be still” and let God be God.

It’s increasingly hard, isn’t it?, to pause and sit still, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, and focus on your breath and be fully in the present moment — that place where you can hear your heart beat in calming, steady rhythm with the heart of God.

Every chance you get, be still, breathe, and hear the quiet, still voice of God.

Had I not learned a long time ago in my spiritual journey to monitor my anxiety — had I not learned to “pray without ceasing” by deeply breathing in the breath of God when I feel my anxiety rising throughout the day and night — I frankly think I’d go full loop.

The great old mystic Meister Eckhart said:

    “There is a huge silence inside each of us that beckons us into itself, and the recovery of our own silence can begin to teach us the language of heaven.”

“Nothing,” he also said, “in all creation is so like God as stillness.”

At bottom, there is no such thing as the past or the future, both of which we can only know in our imaginations.

But there is pleasant relief from anxiety, even in the midst of chaos, by getting still and breathing and coupling with God in the Here and Now.

Some people have the natural gift of stillness. We call them unflappable. They just seem to know how to breath.

But the gift of stillness, the gift of the Here and Now where God dwells, is available to us all through intentionality, practice, mindfulness — call it what you will.

Seek … be silent … and you shall find rest in the arms of God.

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Me and Stephanie Garcia. She’s making straight As and Bs in her 3rd year of schooling at St. Ignatius High School here in San Ignacio/Santa Elena, BZ. However, because I also support her brother Felix’s high school education, and support their little sister Paulita McKay (AKA Miss Belize, my daughter) I need financial help to meet all their needs.

Greetings from San Ignacio, Belize from me and Stephanie, who I am happy to report is making all As and Bs in her 3rd year at St. Ignatius High School.

When the school year started in early September, I asked for $1,200 to help me finance Stephanie’s education, with the caveat that I might need more early next year.

However, at this point only two months into school, I’ve raised only $575, well short of the $1,200 target.

Any donations that contributors can give at this point would be much appreciated.

And for those newcomers who may be unfamiliar with Stephanie’s story and her needs for school: her story is detailed at our GoFundMe account, in the Education category, at Stephanie’s Education Fund 2019-20, where donations can be made.


Email me for more information at revpaulmckay@gmail.com, or contact me on Facebook.

(Also, anyone wanting to see receipts for tuition, books and all the other needs paid for with donations, feel free to make that request via my email.)

Donations can be made through:


1. GoFundMe, where donors can search and find our account in the Education category under Stephanie’s Education Fund 2019-20.

2. Directly to my Bank of America checking account via my PayPaul account at revpaulmckay@gmail.com.

Many thanks for your consideration and continued support for Steph.

Paul & Stephanie.

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