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Trump’s assassination of an Iranian military hero by a drone bombing — which is almost certain to provoke war with Iran and quite possibly start a Third World War — will serve the immediate purpose of making the dead military hero a martyr.

Iranians will be lining up to join him in martyrdom against the United States like never before.

This is the Trump who so many millions of Trump supporters voted for because of his repeated promises to end stupid, endless wars. The Trump who predicted that then-President Obama would start a bloody, politically motivated war with Iran in order to get elected to a second term.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s lover boy in North Korea is moving right along with nuclear weapons testing, and his great friend Mr. Putin is playing with a really nasty new weapon of his own.

But you wouldn’t know that now that we’ve initiated war with Iran. And you can be forgiven if you forgot Trump is still in hot impeachment water. Impeachment is so last year.

Wars and military adventures make great distractions for presidents under fire, as Bill “Wag the Dog” Clinton can attest.

Me, I felt a lot safer with Obama in office. This is because President Obama, whatever his faults, was never an impulsive, world-class bully who placed American sons and daughters and husbands and wives and parents in harm’s way on a whim (and all this while constantly berating our closest allies).

Obama was not one to go to war (or essentially assassinate a nasty enemy like Osama Bin Ladin) without counting the potential cost.

While making out to be a great peacemaker and fantastic negotiator worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump has always been hot for a war with Iran. And he sees nothing wrong with using Iraq, a sovereign nation that just last year was thankful to us for waging war with ISIS, as the place to wage it.

Of course, this kind of presidential behavior is to be expected from a man that Christianity Today was oh-so correct about in its now famous editorial.

In the days ahead, Trump will rally his supporters, even those who once loved his anti-war promises, in waging war against those who are angry that he has acted so impulsively for the very political reasons that he projected onto Obama.

The Obama who never waged war against Iran but who did negotiate a perfectly good nuclear-weapons deal with Iran that was working out just fine.

(And for the millionth time: Obama did not give Iran all that cash in American taxpayer dollars as part of the deal. Obama gave Iran back the cash that had been frozen in American banks! That’s how a deal works: both sides have to get something of benefit, a fact that is always lost on the supposedly great negotiator Donald J. Trump.)

The distressing thing is that anti-war supporters will come around to believing that war ain’t so bad after all–at least not until, perhaps, one of their loved ones comes home in a flag-draped coffin.

Let us pray for peace while we prepare emotionally and psychologically as best we can for what is sure to be the Trump/Republican Party’s totally needless and tragic Mother of All Wars.

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