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I am a United Methodist minister who spent more than 30 years in his "first life" as a newspaper reporter, mostly at the Houston Chronicle, before God called him to the ordained life as a United Methodist Church pastor. My calling was to pastoral care and I have served most of my ministry years as a hospital and hospice chaplain in the Dallas, Texas, area. In July 2012, however, I pulled up stakes, sold everything, and moved to a beautiful and very old Mayan village --having never been to Belize and and knowing no one except a relocation service agent who greased the wheels for the move in online consulting. I'm here writing a book of reflections on scriptures and discerning what kind of mission work God is leading me to for the rest of my years. I blog at jitterbuggingforjesus.com, which I see as an extension of my ministry--a way of getting believers and non-believers alike to think about God, sometimes in ways they might never have thought about God since we all tend to create God in our image, it seems. The blog's motto is, "jitterbuggingforjesus.com, the blog that is saving the world with its wit, wisdom, provocations and stimulations while possibly (probably!) alienating whole towns, nations, cities and states. Check it out.

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